Amos Falls

Primary Feature: A Tucked Away Waterfall

In Whitley County off a forest road out in the country, this waterfall is tucked away and has few visitors. Several species of trees contribute to its seclusion and make for a great study. There isn't a worn path, so we'll make our way down following the rock-bed creek. One of my favorite ways to spend a day, waterways always lead to something amazing if you have the time to keep following. Along the route, the downhill slope causes a natural slide...a tempting site during the warmer months. After about a mile, dense trees open into a clearing with a perfect view of the waterfall and the pool it creates. Iron deposits paint a splash of color on the rocky backdrop behind the falls and the water has a tranquil teal color. This setting is unique and a great way to spend the day. 

What To Expect

Not a long trip, this waterfall isn't a distant hike and primarily stays at a level elevation. That would make for an easy time, but due to little foot traffic, the trek requires managing our way through the overgrowth, which can be a bit difficult.

Difficulty Level: Moderate 

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