Baldrock Natural Bridge

Primary Feature: A Perfect Natural Bridge

This natural bridge falls perfectly in line with the trail running through the area; so perfectly smooth that from a distance it looks like a man made crossing. You'll appreciate this perfection when you make it down the trail and start photographing, as everywhere you look is a perfect shot. When there's recent rain, the area is packed with streams and small creeks as well as a beautiful waterfall running from the bridge itself. During a dry spell, you can still admire the rock creek beds, ledges and formations all around the trail. It's a great time spent outdoors! 

What To Expect

This trail gets regular use from local residents, so there's no problem with the trail staying clear year round. With solid ground and a visible path, the only thing to look out for is getting wet feet. Mostly level all the way to the bridge, there's just a short hill to make it back out of the forest; a great site with only a small amount of work.

Difficulty Level: Easy 

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