Big & Little Dog Falls

Primary Feature: Multiple Waterfalls and Twin Arches

To get to this trail, we will also get to enjoy a very scenic drive on a long forest road with a quick stop by Daylight East and West Arches. The arches alone are worth a trip to this part of the Daniel Boone National Forest, but like usual in this area, there's always more to see. The forest road is car friendly for most of the way, and primarily follows Sheltowee Trace Trail. The trek starts surrounded by forest and fallen leaves; the wind in the trees at this elevation creates the most calming sound I know. Following a wide trail open only to foot traffic, we hike downhill for about twenty minutes before coming to a fork for the two creeks. They eventually join together, so the choice just depends on how much time is available to soak in the sites. At the bottom, there's a big open space that would be great for camping or maybe a quick stop for lunch by the water. The trail continues across the creek and goes over the top of the waterfall, leading to the pool it falls into at the bottom. I could spend all day exploring this area and in the warmer months even enjoy a swim. With the arches, the drive, the babbling brook, and the gorgeous waterfall, this site offers an all in one path to relaxation. 

What To Expect

The trail is clear and wide and the ground is solid so the path is easy to traverse. It's pretty much all downhill to get to the waterfall, so it's a low energy, enjoyable route there. All that downhill ease though, means a long walk up to get back. Fortunately, there are plenty of chances to stop and just breathe in the fresh air all around anf since rushing won't be on anyone's mind in such a setting, this trail is friendly to all levels of hikers. 

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate 

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