Dog Branch School Falls

Primary Feature: A Rock Ledge Waterfall

One of my favorite places to go, this trail is not far from town. I drove around this area countless times without realizing there was a beautiful waterfall just behind the trees I passed so many evenings on my way home. I’ve taken some of my favorite pictures here and every time I return, there’s some new mushroom or flower I haven’t seen there before. In keeping with all the options on my site, there’s always one more thing just waiting to be found around this corner or that hill. After several visits, I made my way down the brook that leads away from the falls and discovered through a set of bushes, an old log road than runs beside a wide spanning creek. The view of the cliffs from this path is amazing and enhances this already great trail

What To Expect

The majority of this trail is level with only sections going uphill so it’s relative easy to complete from a fitness aspect. About half the hike uses a very clear, wide path while the rest follows the bottom of the ridge; There are some areas where the leaves disguise holes and water crossing can be slippery. With good balance and careful steps, this trail is very manageable. 

Difficulty Level: Moderate 

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