Kentucky hiking in Corbin

Primary Feature: Serene Waterfall

Just over two miles, this trail allows a relaxing walk in the woods along a line of towering cliffs. Before you know it, you'll be surrounded by a natural swimming pool, filled by a shimmering waterfall. The water flows from a low point of a rounded rock ledge into a body of water made picturesque by perfectly placed boulders in and around the pool. Despite it's name, this location couldn't be more peaceful. 

What To Expect

Well maintained, this trail is relatively easy to travel; it's just a bit of a distance to get to the waterfall. Some up and down for hills, but nothing too steep. A cool bottle of water and a moderate pace will make this a day to remember.

Difficulty Rating: Easy to Moderate

Let's Set A Date

Sunday - Monday

Available hours based on seasonal daylight

(No specific minimum notice required)