Dutch Branch Falls

Primary Feature: Towering Waterfall

No hiker could ask for more! Dutch Branch offers a gorgeous trail that follows a wide flowing stream all the way to the top where you'll discover an amazing waterfall showering from a 70+ feet high rock cliff. On the way up you'll enjoy numerous smaller waterfalls, a picturesque bridge, a rock shelter, and flourishing forest vegetation. Off the path to the waterfall, you can also take a short detour to an overlook and enjoy a great view of the river running into the lake. This site has it all!!!

What To Expect

Most of this trail is relatively clear, however there is some climbing over fallen trees and a few slippery places in the path as you cross the stream. Depending on the recent precipitation, you might even get a little wet. The journey up is all uphill for 3/4 of a mile (not including the bonus path to the overlook) so expect to be out of breath.

Difficulty Level - Moderate 

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