Moonshiner's Arch

Primary Feature: Two Arches Joined As One

Practically hidden in plain site, this now forgotten forest trail is located in the Cumberland Falls region and still easily accessible if you know where to look. The trek begins by leading you across a rock ledge, with only glimpses through the tree tops at the area below. Across the ridge, the trail heads downhill and without knowing it, you'll be mere feet away from the arch. When you finally notice it hidden away in a depressed section of ground just off the trail, it is breathtaking. Appearing as one large arch, Moonshiner's Arch is actually two separate formations nearly perfectly aligned, spanning around 35 ft and peaking overhead around 12 feet. The gap in the ceiling is yet another of the fascinating characteristics that make this arch so unique. Further downhill, circling back along the bottom of the ridge line, you'll discover a stunning natural pillar, pass a perfect rock shelter tucked into the corner of the weathered cliffside, and cross over an underground spring. This trail has endless features worth visiting!

What To Expect

Despite that this trail is no longer maintained by the forest service, overgrowth is minimal and the initial footpath is easy to detect and begins with only a few fallen trees to get around. The short walk across the ledge is simple enough and about six feet in width, but does present a risk since it is without a guard rail. The walk to the arch is a breeze, less than a quarter-mile, but the ascent back to the top is a bit of an exertion. You'll need some balance and willingness to get dirty as you cross the damp spring area and pull yourself up some steep spots. Fortunately there are plenty of trees and rocks to use as leverage. 

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Hard

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Sunday - Monday

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